DIY Blog Tour: Update the tour page

You're live. Hopefully, everything is running smoothly due to your amazing organizational and communication skills. Ideally, the tour should be able to run without your interaction at all. Of course, that's not how we're going to do it. Sure, the tour could run unassisted at this point. But don't you want the biggest bang for your buck (or in this case, hard work).

As each post goes live, be sure to update the tour page with live links. As mentioned before, promote the tour stops on your blog and be sure to mention them throughout your platform with Twitter, FB, etc. and use the hash tag.

Just don't go link crazy. No one likes to feel like their being spammed with promotion links. Focus on what you are offering readers. Which tweet link would you click on?

Day Two of Book Title blog tour is live #hashtag www.bloglink.moc


The secret behind realistic fantasy world building #hashtag www.bloglink.moc

I think this is a pretty clear choice. Remember that readers don't tune in to blog tours, they tune in to content. Promote the content and you're much more likely to drive traffic to your tour stop.