A friend in need

I hope you don't mind, but today's post has absolutely nothing to do with marketing. Today is actually a plea for  help.

This is my friend, Eric. The one with the mask.
The cutie on the right is his potty mouthed fiance, TJ.

I met Eric in College. He was the first openly gay person I had ever met (this was a while ago and I was sheltered). He was also an amazing friend, funny guy, and good mood bringer.

After college, Eric was diagnosed with brain tumors. Really sucky ones that often are inoperable and can screw with your body. Despite having to take things slow and use a cane to walk, Eric kept going. He is the author of some really fantastic M/M books.

Things were going well. Eric and TJ just got engaged. Then Eric got sick. Really sick.

Now he's in the hospital and from what they can tell, he's going to be there a while. Besides the staggering medical bills, there are also the expenses for TJ and Eric's family to travel to be with him, pay for hotel rooms and take time off work. It shouldn't be any surprise that it's going to get expensive.

And this is where you come in. A fund has been set up to help defray the costs of Eric's care. If you were planning to make any charitable contributions this year, I hope you'll consider donating to Eric's fund. Even if you can't swing a donation right now, I'd like to ask you to please pass this link along to all of your social media contacts.

The writing community is awesome and the love and support being shown to Eric and TJ is heartwarming. Thank you for being the totally awesome people that you are.