Agency Lessons: the great publishing debate

I follow a lot of industry blogs. Partly because it's a good idea for me to know what folks in the know are talking about. Partly because I find the business side of books to be fascinating. However, this past week my blog feed was filled up with indie/legacy debate posts and this was not fascinating.

It seems like the bigger someone is, on one side or the other, the louder and more abrasive they feel the need to be. Big name indie authors basically calling out traditional publishers as author hating, money grabbing brain washers. Publishing execs calling indie authors cobbled together, exaggerating, butt hurt hacks. Seriously, it made my head hurt.

Everyone is arguing over how much ebooks are growing and how much of the market do indies really control and will B&N die a slow painful death in 2014.

And here's the honest truth. No one knows. Any of it. There is no collaborative database of all the sales numbers that we can look at to say with any kind of reasonable certainty what book sales are really doing. We have no idea what impact self-publishing is having on the traditional market. And B&N will sink or swim, definitely one of those two.

As a writer, it's easy to get all tied up in the hype coming from everywhere. But here's all you really need to know. Readers are going to read. Book lovers are going to find the books that make them happy, wherever they come from or however they are made. They will devour these books, share them with other readers, and then go back for more.

So try not to get too tied up in the doom and gloom vitriol that is being spouted from all over. Make decisions on how to publish your work based on what you need and want as a writer and let the readers read. Now, let's all huddle together in a giant hug and chant "books are awesome" until everyone feels better. Sound good?

Today, in defiance of the major publishing debate raging all over the internets, we will celebrate books. Show a little love in the comments for your favorite book and tell me why you love reading.