Finding your tribe

Writing is a solitary experience. You can workshop, use CPs, and conference yourself across the US. But when it comes to putting pen to paper, you've to do it on your own. The good news is everything else can be a team effort. The key is finding your tribe.
My tribe, when I was three.
It's important to have a group of people who are just as zany as you are, ready to hold your hand or throw on a party hat. Your tribe will keep you motivated to stay the course and help share the load of spreading your book news to the world.

If you haven't found your tribe yet, here are a few options to consider.

Many writers find a comraderie with other writers of the same genre. You all understand the current market, the pros and cons and the insider tips. You'll tend to find yourself at the same conferences and haunting the same online hangouts.

Publishing Method:
Whether you go Big 5, small press or self published, there are intricacies unique to each method. Making friends with others on a similar path can make it easier to navigate the bends in the road and get advice from others who've been there and done that.

Online relationships are wonderful, but there's nothing quite like a group of people you can talk to face to face. Even if you can only get together a few times a year, it's a great idea to find a friendly face in your area.

Publishing philosophy:
There are all kinds of groups out there with different objectives. You can find online groups that will help give each other reviews, like Facebook pages, vote in contests and all kinds of other activities that can help with your marketing efforts. There are advantages and disadvantages of all of these, just make sure you agree with how a group is operating before joining in. For example, I would recommend a group that offers to read each others' books and leave honest reviews. I would strongly discourage a group that offers to leave 5-star reviews on each others' books without reading them. To each their own, just make sure you know what you're getting into and the image that reflects on you.

If you're looking for a good tribe to dip your feet in the water, I'd like to recommend the Blog Blitz Team. The blitz is run by DL Hammons, an all around good guy. The concept is simple, several times a month DL selects a team member, from recommendations or random draws, to be blitzed. Then everyone shows up at their blog and showers them with comments and support. It's a great way to be introduced to some great new blogs and become part of a group with only good intentions. If that sounds like you're idea of a good time, stop by DL's page and sign up.

So get out there and find your tribe. Just because you wrote the book on your own doesn't mean you have to be a writer in isolation.