Blogging from A to Z: ALA Awards

Blogging from A to Z is a month long challenge to post every day of the month (excluding Sunday) using a different letter of alphabet. This month I'm sharing unusual book marketing tips as part of my Marketing From The Edge Series.

A is for...  ALA awards

The American Library Association hands out awards every year, recognizing the best of the best. How many awards...almost 100. Not all of those are for books, but since they are a library association, most of them are.

Here's what you may not know. Authors, agents and publishers can't nominate their own titles. That's right, as much as I'd love to put my own authors up for potential fame and glory, I can't. Guess who can nominate books. Anyone. 

That's right. For many of these awards, nominations can come from anyone. Hey there, readers and super fans!

Take a look at the list linked above and see if any of your books are eligible for any of the over 80 awards available each year. Pick the one you think you are most qualified for. Now, ask for nominations. This is actually easier than you think.

Add a nomination link on your book page, right where you ask for reviews (you are asking for reviews, right?). This doesn't need to be anything fancy. 
Loved this book? Help spread the word. Leave a review here or nominate BOOK TITLE for the SPECIFIC AWARD.
You can add a link to your Amazon Author Central page and your Goodreads page. Did an adoring fan send you an email gushing about how great your book is? Wonderful, write them back thanking them for reading your book and ask if they'd be willing to nominate you for the ALA award.

If you don't see an award that fits you from ALA, do a little research to see if there is another reader nominated award that suits you better.

For those of you who might feel a bit squeamish asking for nominations, keep in mind this is not a blanket "Hey, vote for me" plea. You would never post this on Twitter or your Facebook page. The people who will see this are those who have actively engaged with you and your book and are already fans. These readers want you to receive the recognition you obviously deserve. You're simply pointing them in the right direction.