Blogging from A to Z: Buzzfeed

Blogging from A to Z is a month long challenge to post every day of the month (excluding Sunday) using a different letter of alphabet. This month I'm sharing unusual book marketing tips as part of my Marketing From The Edge Series.
 B is for... Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is that wonderful time-sucking community online that posts everything from hilarious cat Vines to a list of Ten Ways Sitcoms in the 80s Changed Your Life. Seriously, they have everything. 

And one of the best aspects of Buzzfeed is that most of their content is user generated. That means anyone can create an account and post pretty much anything. The key to success here is to write a post that strikes a nerve and can build a lot of...well, buzz.

What you don't want to do is post a list of ten reasons why people should read your book. Yeah, that post is going nowhere. But you could make a list of the ten best books released this year in your genre. Or a video featuring the behind the scenes "glamor" of being an author. Or a list that touches on a main subject addressed in your book. 

The actual post can be about anything really. Just make sure your bio is up-to-date with a link to your website and your book title. Then pass the link around and hope it gets promoted. 

If not, you've lost the time it takes to write a decent blog post. If it does, you can get some decent exposure to a new, diverse audience.