Bonus Post: #ArmchairBEA

I hardly ever post on the weekend, because I am busy reading, writing, agenting and sleeping. However, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to help you guys out.

Haaaaave you met my friend, #ArmchairBEA. If not, here's the down and dirty. Right now, gazillions of people are carousing in New York for the annual BEA event, otherwise known as Book Expo America. The rest of us have BEA Envy. It's a real thing, look it up.

However, every year some amazing book bloggers organize the #ArmchairBEA. I keep using the hashtag because most of the interactions take place on Twitter. If you aren't following this hashtag yet, go do it now.

Here's what you'll find.

1. A ton of book bloggers talking about all things bookish, which is just plain fun,
2. Many bloggers hosting a giveaway of some sort, mostly for books and gift cards, and
3. A great place to check out new book reviewers.

Ah, you knew there was going to be a marketing angle in there somewhere, didn't you. That's right, this week, all these amazing bloggers are posting about what books they love, what's on their wish list and things they'd love to see happen in literature.

Hello, resource! Not sure which bloggers are interested in your YA werewolve dystopian (dibs on writing that one)? Follow the hashtag and go read the posts from these guys. They are also having Twitter chats each night where they hand out even more information about what's hot and what's not.

If you are considering reaching out to bloggers in anytime that resembles near future, you need to check these guys and gals out. These are the dedicated bloggers who are absolutely crazy about books. I mean, we all are, but these folks can take it to another level.

So don't miss this opportunity to learn about some new blogs, connect with bloggers you already know, and learn more about the important people who will hopefully want to read your book!

Also, be sure to check out for even more great resources!