Cool tools and a new project

I've got some exciting news to share today. Since good news comes in threes, I've got three for you.

1. New web address!
So this one isn't really excited (except to me). I have a new address This shouldn't impact any of your subscriptions or blog readers since everything should point back to the original blog. That said, you might want to take a second just to check that you aren't missing posts. This is important because of announcement number two...

2. New blog series!
Starting on Friday, August 1st, we'll have the Platform Pick-Up series.
Every weekday during the month of August I'll post a new action item designed to help you do a little tidy up of your online platform. Even the most diligent among us need to go through and double check how we project ourselves (and our brands) to the public. Each day's task is simple enough that you should have no problem completing it in under an hour and there is plenty to do for authors at every stage. I'm exciting about this one because I've needed to do a platform update for a while. No more excuses...let's do this.

3. Free eBook!
If you are signed up for my newsletter then you already know about this one (lucky dog). Last November I ran a DIY Blog Tour series. The feedback was amazing and I realized what an important topic this is for authors. So, I decided to compile the series into an eBook, but I didn't want to just spit out the same information. This new guide has all the posts from the blog series along with expanded and updated information, tips from some of my favorite book bloggers and links to tons of templates. Wohoo! To get your copy, just sign-up for my newsletter. You'll get the handbook, be the first to know about announcements and get insider info.

So that's it for today. Rest up and I'll meet you back here bright and early Friday morning for some hardcore cleaning.