Platform Pick-Up: Amazon pt. 3

We're almost done with Amazon, but we need to check one more thing...

Are all your books listed on your Author Central account? This one sounds simple, but you might be surprised. Amazon doesn't automatically add books to your account (for most authors). After all, lost of authors have the same name so they would be guessing who to add a book to. This means you will probably need to manually add all your books to your account. This is important because when a reader clicks on your name for one of your books you want them to be able to see them all. Plus, adding your account URL to your promotional materials won't do you any good if some of your books are missing.

In helping other authors get this set up, I've noticed that it sometimes takes a while for this to work and you might have to try several times. Also, it can take up to 24 hours for a book to be added, so you'll need to go back and double check the next day to make sure it took. Like most of Amazon's author features, this doesn't always work perfectly. The good news is Amazon has a wonderful support system. If you are having issues, don't be afraid to reach out to customer service. They are great at helping to work through the kinks.

So go log back into your account one more time and check to make sure that all of your books are listed. Also, make sure you have all the formats shown. This might mean contact Amazon to link your print, ebook and audio book versions together.