Platform Pick-Up: Background

In case you didn't guess, today we're talking about backgrounds.
In the grand scheme of things, your background image is relatively unimportant. I'll admit that updating your background image isn't going to sell more books. But let's keep in mind that your platform isn't necessarily about selling more books. It's about putting your brand out in the market. And your brand absolutely works better when it's uniform.

Background images are used for most social media sites now such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Each site will have different dimensions or rules so make sure you read the guidelines and follow them. Facebook is probably the pickiest, so if you meet their guidelines, you should be safe with the others.

When it comes to picking the right image, I would stay away from one that is centered on one of your books. I think something like this can be fine for a temporary period when you are promoting a new book. That said, if you're constantly changing your background to match your newest book, you lose the value of consistency.

You should pick something that conveys who you are as an author and appeals to your target audience. Don't stress about this too much. Like I said, it's hardly the most important part of your platform. They key here is to use the same image across all your real estate. You got it, everywhere you included that great head shot and bio should have the same background image (where you can).

This is also a great time to start thinking about creating a brand sheet. This details the exact colors (Their RGB number, not name), fonts, sizes and spacing that you use as part of your platform. This creates a handy reference whenever you need to have something new put together. Bookmarks, business cards, or anything with your name on it. Using a consistent style gives uniformity to your work. This is especially important if you have a somewhat common name (one of the few benefits of Negovetich). Also, designers will love you if you can tell them exactly what you need instead of "Can you make it purple with a swirly font?".

So, today's task is to update your background and header images to be consistent across all your social media accounts. If you have time, get started on a brand sheet. If not, definitely put it on your to-do list.