Platform Pick-Up: Blog pt. 1

We're halfway through the Platform Pickup! How are you feeling? I hope you at least feel a little more in control of your platform. Hang in there for a few more weeks while we tackle the rest of your platform and picture how accomplished you'll feel at the end of the month.

Today's task is an easy one, so when you're done stop over at the Make Me A Story blog where I have a guest post up on why you need a marketing plan. Also, I'm planning out the August newsletter and there is going to be another free download this month. If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to do that today. In addition to this month's resource, you'll also get my DIY Blog Tour Handbook.

Now, on to today. It's time to start tackling your blog. Up until now, we've been focusing on our accounts tied to social media. Now it's time to take a look at the platform we manage the most.

For today, go through your blog and make sure you are using the same photo, bio, and header/background. If you made a brand sheet earlier this month, double check your colors, fonts, and other visual aspects of your blog to keep your brand consistent.

So that's it, check your blog for brand consistency, sign up for the newsletter, and hop over to my guest post. Oh, and have a great Monday. :)