Platform Pick-Up: Email pt.2

Gah, I'm so late today. Forgive me, but I was working on today's task. We're still working on that email box and hopefully, today's task will make a big difference in both your inbox volume and your ability to read other blogs.
I have tons of blogs that I enjoy reading regularly. Everything from writing and publishing to book reviews and Tumblrs. I can't imagine what my inbox would look like if I sent all of them there. But without another system I would simply forget to check them. And that's where a really good blog reader is a lifesaver. 

What's a blog reader?
Simply stated a blog reader is any website or program that puts all of your subscribed blogs in one place and keeps them there until you read them or delete them. I love Feedly because it's so easy to you and it adds a little icon to my internet task bar so I have a visual reminder to check it.

Why a blog reader?
Well, besides the obvious benefit of keeping your inbox clean, there are a few other great reasons to use a blog reader. For one, you'll quickly get an idea of which blog you are really reading. If I find myself constantly skipping over posts then I know that blog isn't a match for me anymore and I can delete it. 

Also, the format allows me to easily scan headlines and the first paragraph of a post to see if it's something I want to read. Not every blog post on every blog I follow is interesting to me. This lets me quickly skip the ones I don't want to read without worrying about missing the ones I want.

And the organization is a huge advantage. I can easily group my followed blogs by content. This means all my review blogs are in one section. I don't click on it until I'm in the mood for reading reviews. Same goes for writing, marketing, and agents (yes I follow other agents). Also, I have a special group just for my clients so I never miss one.

Now what?
I suggest going back into your inbox and identifying all the blogs that you still want to read. Now sign up for a blog reader and move them over. Once you get them set up in a blog reader, unsubscribe from them with your email so you don't get them in two places. 

Your email is going to start looking really clean, but we're not done yet. Tune in the rest of this week to finish the job.