Platform Pick-Up: Goodreads pt. 3

One more for the road...

Before we leave Goodreads alone, the last step is to update your events listing.

What should go in there? Basically, everything.

Any time you are going to be appearing (in-person or virtually) as an author, you should list this in your events. This would include any workshops, guest lectures, book signings, etc. Even if the event is closed, such as speaking with a local book club, you should include it. Why? It lets others know that you're available for events like that.

I would also include any events that you are planning to attend as a reader. For one, it's just good karma to promote the events of other authors. Two, chances are some of your own readers will be there and it gives you a chance to connect and bond over a love of books.

If you don't have any events to list, then it's time to get busy. If you are actively promoting a book, there's no reason not to have an event listed for every month. Remember, these don't have to be headliner book fairs. Start local with your library, schools, civic groups, etc. Pair up with other authors in your area to host a book signing. Join up with other authors in your genre to hold a virtual event or host a Google Hangout. There are tons of low or no cost events you can plan to keep you present.

Hint: Authors will a full schedule appear more in-demand and are then invited to attend more events. This can and should be you.