Platform Pick-Up: Goodreads pt. 4

I've got an easy Monday morning task for you...

All we've got on the docket today is double checking your Goodreads account.

Log in and make sure your author account has linked up to your personal account. Check all the fields and fill out as much information as you can. Does your bio and head shot match the rest of your platform? If not, update them now.

Then I suggest you check out this great article from Goodreads. It's all about maximizing your Author account and getting the most of your profile.

One last task for this easy, breezy Monday. Join one reader group. There are groups for certain books, genres, topics and all kinds of options. Pick one and join in the conversation. Remember that this isn't about promoting your book. It's about connecting with your readers (and future readers), sharing in your love of books and being present in the book community.