Working your creative muscles

We creative types are a unique bunch. Our brains just work different than the average soul. Most of us need an outlet in order to keep from going crazy. So we write, but is that enough?
It can be, but I also think we are limiting ourselves if all we ever do is write. I find I get some of my best marketing ideas by getting out into the world and thinking about the way that the world markets non-book products. So it would stand to reason that authors would benefit from a little creative outlet outside of our pages.

For myself, I've been stretching my creative muscles in a different way the past few weeks. I've recently been cast in a local theater production. At first, I almost didn't audition, because I was concerned the extra time commitment would mean less productive writing days. Boy was I wrong.

Since rehearsals have started, my output has increased significantly, even though I have less free hours to devote to writing. 

I'm working out creative muscles I haven't touched in a while. It's a bit uncomfortable and the result is not always pretty, but I'm getting there. I'm starting to find my happy place back on the stage and in return I find it's easier to sit down with my words and ease them on to the page.

"But, Sarah," I hear you saying from way in the back (you have wonderful projection), "I don't want to do musical theater." 

Well, that's okay. Try something else. Break out your kids' crayons and doodle a picture, make something exotic for dinner, dance around the living room, go to Zumba. Just do something different and see what happens.