Simple Marketing Action items

Before I kick off today's post, I want to draw your attention back to yesterday in case you missed it. I am looking for an intern. Also, just to keep you in the know, my amazing colleague, Saritza Hernandez is also looking for a new intern. She represents a lot of erotica and GLBT works, so if that floats your boat, you should check out her posting.

Now, on to the show. Last week I posted on how to create a daily marketing habit. Then I realized that some of you might think I'm crazy for suggesting that you market your book every day. And that would sound crazy if you are thinking in big, bold strokes. So today I want to share ten simple marketing action items that you can incorporate into your new marketing habit. They won't feel so grand, but they can make a new difference.

1. Contact 5 new reviewers
It doesn't matter how many reviewers you've already sent your book to, there are still more. Pick a focus for the day and target your reviews there. You can pick librarians, non-book review sites, or just some members of your target audience you haven't reached out to yet. You could do this single task every day and never run out of people to contact. My rule is, you can never have enough online reviews.
2. Send your press release to three new media outlets
There might not be as many media outlets as there are book reviewers, but there are still a ton of them. You should make a list for print (newspapers/magazines), radio and TV. Start local and then move out slowly to national markets. Don't sell yourself short before you even ask.
3. Call 5 radio stations
You should absolutely send a press release to radio stations, but keep in mind that they depend a lot more on the author than a newspaper. If you can't be articulate, you are a risk on a radio show. By calling, you give the station manager a chance to hear you speak which can give you a leg up when it comes time to booking their next guest.
4. Send your one sheet to 5 libraries
Almost every town in America has a library. Don't stop until you've emailed them all. Make sure your one sheet has all the information a library needs to make a purchase or you'll be wasting your time.
5. Share a picture/quote on social media
Go easy one day and just share a quote from your book or an image that has significance to the story or your characters. Not all your marketing action items have to be big sweeping gestures.
6. Share a quality review on social media
You want to avoid re-tweeting and re-posting every good review you get. That said, if you get a review that really touches you, share it. But don't just post a link. Connect with your readers and share with them why this review meant so much.
7. Host a Goodreads giveaway
Goodreads giveaways aren't just for your launch. You can do this anytime. If you can swing it, try to make your giveaway international. You'll get a lot more exposure and our friends across the pond will be extremely grateful.
8. Hold a flash contest
Want something quick and fun to do? Hold a flash contest for your fans. Make it fun by asking them to share an image that they connect with your story. Or ask participants to write a short 50 word fan fiction scene. Anything will work here so long as it's quick, easy, fun and helps spread the word about your book. 
9. Write a bonus scene and share with your followers
I love when writers post bonus content. This can be a scene from an alternate POV, a scene that didn't make it into the book, or even a scene that happens "off stage" in your book. This takes a bit more time and effort, but your fans will really appreciate it.
10. Submit a conference class/panel
There are all kinds of conferences, festivals and events that look for authors to come speak. This is a great way to get in front of your readers and maybe find a few new ones. Pick a festival close to home to cut down on cost and pick a topic that will speak to your readers.

* Bonus tip: Engage with your audience
Marketing doesn't have to always include your book. There's a lot to be said for being there. Answer questions, join a conversation, share things your readers will be interested in. Make your name one they will be glad to see pop up in their social media feed.

There are so many little marketing steps you can take every day to keep your book in the public eye. Some will take more effort than others, but all of them together can make a huge difference in keeping your book out of oblivion.