Thanksgiving: Book release edition

Today official marks one week until Rite of Rejection releases out into the world. I'm a little extra grateful/crazy this Thanksgiving.

I'm not going to post much today, since hopefully all of you here in the US are not reading this. Instead, I hope you are stuffing your faces full of turkey that someone else cooked, feeling the buzz of wine glass number two and prepping your sweatpants for dessert.

I just want to take a minute to say Thank you!

When I announced that I would be publishing my first book and blogging the process I had no idea what to expect. Would people question me about the whole self pub vs. traditional debate, would I be able to market my book and share valuable information at the same time, and would anyone even care?

Your outpouring of support and well-wishes was more than I could ever hope for. Several of you have reached out privately to tell me how much you are learning from these candid post. I don't think I could ever adequately describe how much that means to me. This blog has always been a passion of mine and knowing that it is helping other people achieve their book world dreams is a dream come true for me.

Thank you to all the amazing bloggers, freelancers and just generally nice people who have been willing to review my book, talk it up on social media and tell your friends about it. I'm going to do a release-eve post on how the whole pre-release sales have gone, but I can say that your efforts have helped me immensely. I'm not hitting the NYT list anytime soon, but I'm just ecstatic that anyone is buying it.

And finally, to all the readers! Thank you for your enthusiasm. Any author will tell you that writing is something they just have to do and they'd do it even if they were the only person on earth. But I gotta tell you, it's a lot more fun when there are people willing to actually read your words. Thanks for make this all worth it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a decidedly less sappy and more informative post about something or other. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!