I'm an author, now what

So yesterday was a real day and I am now officially a published author! Woohoo!
Yesterday was a bit of a blur. My kids stayed the night with some friends so I slept in super late, drank some coffee and settled into my comfy chair. I spent some time on Twitter and Facebook, took fun pictures during the day, and even got a little bit of work done. My best friends surprised me by dropping off lunch, flowers, and dark chocolate (because friends are awesome). I was then gifted a beautiful necklace that is exactly what I picture Rebecca's necklace to look like AND matches my cover perfectly. There were tears. :)

I ended the afternoon with a trip to the post office to send out a few signed copies and then waited for my husband to get home so we could go out for a celebratory dinner. All-in-all, it was a perfect day.

The book is doing well. Sales are still steadily flowing in. I danced on and off the top 100 list for Teen ebook Romantic Dystopian throughout the day, which was exciting. And my knowledge of this is evidence that I did not take my own advice to stay off Amazon. In my defence, I was tinkering with keywords and not just stalking sales rank.

I was also overwhelmed by the number of well wishes I received. I tried and failed miserably to keep up with them all to say thank you. So if I missed you, THANK YOU!

As of writing this, I am at 19 reviews on Amazon which is fantastic for release day. Seriously, for a debut author I am tickled pink with that number. It is still my goal to hit 50 reviews by January 4th, so I'll keep plugging away at this until then.

And speaking of reviews, I've decided it might be kinda nice to reward anyone who has taken the time to read and review my book. So, if you write an Amazon review and send me a link to it at SarahNegovetich(at)gmail.com, I will send you an exclusive bonus scene. This is a scene from Eric's POV that takes place "off camera" so it's not in the book at all. It's a bit spoilery, so don't cheat and write a review if you haven't read the book yet. You'll be bummed if you ruin the surprise.

So, starting on Monday I'll be back to my regular posting schedule. I still have the blog tour going on so there will be random reminders to check that out. Also, I'll continue to share my marketing efforts as part of my regular posts. I'm moving into more offline marketing now that the book is out and I'm really excited about some new adventures heading my way.

That's it for now. Thanks again for all your kind words and support as I tried not to go crazy in public. And be sure to send me your review link if you want the bonus Eric POV scene.