Today is all about sharing the love. Bloggers loving authors. Authors loving bloggers. Everybody loving books.

If you're looking for controversy in the book world, you wouldn't have to dig too far to find it. All of that negativity can often overshadow the amazing relationship that most authors and bloggers have.

I have always been a big fan of bloggers and appreciative of the immense amount of love and effort they pour into the book community. This love only increased when I organized my own blog tour. Without exception, every blogger/reviewer I spoke with was kind, generous, encouraging, and absolutely dedicated to sharing awesome books with their readers.

To highlight this mutual love and respect between authors and bloggers, the lovely ladies at The Book Bratz asked authors and bloggers what we'd like to say to the other. The result is a massive outpouring of warm fuzzies sure to end your work on a high note.

So be sure to stop over at The Book Bratz and check out the overflow at A Perfection Called Books. You can also share you own thoughts on the awesomeness of bloggers and authors on Twitter using the #BloggerAuthorLove hashtag and be sure to tell me why you love bloggers and authors down in the comments.