Time to give back

Last night I had a blast speaking at the Caprock Writers' Alliance. We talked about the business of writing, self-publishing and all things books. They had wonderful questions and an obvious desire to grow as authors.

I love speaking with authors like this. It reminds me of why this business is so amazing, but it also reminds me that we each have something we can give.

It's easy to forget that each of us started from ground zero. We learned from the amazing authors and professionals that came before us. Those folks gave back with speeches, videos, blog posts, and conference attendance. They chose to share their knowledge and experience so that the next round of authors could benefit from that expertise.

And each of us have something to give back, too. You might not think it, but I promise that you have knowledge and experience. If you've ever worked with CPs or Beta readers, you have experience.  If you've ever queried agents, you have experience. If you've ever worked with an editor, attended a conference, spoken on a panel, held a book signing, taught a class or any number of author book related events, you have experience.

And that experience is something that another author doesn't have.

So think about what you have to offer (I bet it's more than you think) and then find ways to give back.