A little Friday fun!

Confession time!

My brain is currently tapped out. It is submission city for my client roster right now. Between writing pitches, researching just the right editor and trying to get new words for my next book down on paper, I've got nothing.

My game plan is to chug through today and then give my brain a little break over the weekend so I can recharge. The good news is I'll be back on Monday and I'm sure I'll have something good for Agency Lessons. The bad news is I came up empty for a marketing post for today.

But, wait...no one goes home empty handed on my blog!

Since I am failing you in the witty/helpful marketing sector, please accept this Rite of Rejection crossword puzzle as a consolation prize. Because crosswords are fun and Fridays are fun. Therefore, Fridays are made for crosswords. This is sound logic, people!

So feel free to print this sucker out or copy/paste it to make it huge on your computer screen. You can download an excel copy from Google Drive. Whatever works for you. I'll post the answers at the end of Monday's Agency Lessons post so you can check your work. Now go have a fantastic weekend!