Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everybody slumps

Here's the honest truth: I'm in a marketing slump.

That's right. The lady who lives for marketing ideas and practically salivates at a good review spreadsheet has hit a bit of a wall.

It was bound to happen. I marketed my little heart out in the months leading up to and immediately following the release of Rite of Rejection. I imagine everyone hits this point. When you look at the list of marketing tasks and throw your hands up in surrender. No one can marketing all the time. Not only would you burn out, you'd burn out your readers as well. I still love marketing, I always will, but I know myself and know when I need to take a little break.

Because I've hit a slump.

And that's okay. For me, I'm in between the weird my book is still newish and I could be promoting it stage and the need to focus on getting this next book edited and ready for publication stage. And that leaves me with more to-dos than I have time. And not just time ticks on a clock. There's also a max out point on how many creative hours I can put into a day.

So for now, I'm choosing to focus my creative author time on the next book.

The good news is that I laid the groundwork so that I can take that time and still see decent sales. Without that, I wouldn't be as comfortable giving myself this time off. This is a good thing, and trust me, once I get in a better position with book two I'll be back off to the races. Because marketing a second book is going to be a whole new ball game.

The bad news is that while my brain is taking a brief marketing vacation, yours might not be. You might be tuning in here for marketing advice while I'm over chopping apart the world worst first draft. And that's not cool. You guys are awesome.

So I'm turning it over to you. I will happily research, give opinions and provide general marketing madness. But I need to know what you want to know, because my brain is so switched out of this mode I can't even think of what else to share with you.

Does that make sense? God, I hope so.

The long and short of it is this. What do you want to know? What marketing questions have you wanted to ask, but didn't know who to ask? What question have you been afraid to ask? Is there something new you've heard about, but want to know more? Got questions about the marketing behind the scenes of traditional publishing? Want to know more about marketing options as an indie? Ask away!

You can leave your questions in the comments below or email me. If you prefer an anonymous route, you can post a question to my Tumblr, just be sure to let me know it's for the blog.


  1. Actually I'm glad to know I'm not only one in one. I hope you're able to get out of one soon.

    Is the connections you would make in marketing a chapter book different from connections you would make in marketing a MG or YA? I know in middle grade, usually it's the parents buying the books for the kids. In YA it's the teens buying them. Yet in chapter books (what seems to be my natural medium) I guess I would infer the friends and connections you would make would be like MG, but does this also including teachers?

    Or would a teacher even teach a book that's in the kids POV rather than as if an adult were narrating?

    I hope that question made sense.

    1. Good news is my chapter book I'm doing long hand is definitively a chapter book, though an older chapter book.

    2. Sarah, this is a great question and one that I think a lot of people have. Because we definitely have to market differently depending on the age we are writing for. Let me reach out to some folks who are great at marketing for that age group and get back to you. And thank you for your question!

  2. Looking forward to seeing book two!

    What's your take on exclusivity (i.e. Amazon Kindle Select)? Also, I'd like your opinion on Kindle Unlimited. Thanks, Sarah!

    1. Great questions and I have lots of opinions on this. I think this might need to be two posts. :)

  3. Oh boy, I get what you're going through. I go through this a lot. I'll go full speed ahead, believing in my marketing needs/wants/beliefs in the book(s) I'm marketing. But then, whamo, just leave me alone. I want to write. But puleeze don't make me market.

    Fortunately, the slump slumbers and the desire is renewed. Good luck!


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