Don't burn your library

I was talking to a new friend the other day about what I do (you know, write books and sell books) and, as expected, this new friend told me that she has always wanted to write a book and actually has a good start for about three different novels.

Nothing new here. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me they wanted to write a book. They say it the same way someone might mention wanting to try out a new restaurant. "Oh, I've been wanting to try out Vinnie's. I hear the eggplant is amazing. My schedule is just so busy right now."

Nope, I've heard it a million times. Until my new friend said this...


We all have stories inside of us. For most people, it's enough to share those stories with our family and friends. But for those of us slightly mad enough to crave a pen, we need to write. We have to get those stories out and we desperately want other people to read them.

Each of us is only given so much time on this earth. While I plan to live so long they put my old lady picture in the paper, there are no guarantees in life. I have to write now, while I can. Because when the day comes that I draw my last breath, a library of books that I never got to write will die with me.

So if this is you, if you are sitting at your computer like my new friend still talking about someday maybe writing a book, stop waiting. Sit down now and put some words on the paper. It doesn't have to be a lot. Even a sentence will get you going.

Because if you don't, the world's libraries will be a little bit smaller.