Publishing insider interview

I'm a blog slacker today, folks.

In case you haven't heard, things got a little crazy on the home front in the past few weeks. Our plan to purchase a home in December got thrown out the window and we are unexpectedly trying to find a new home six months early in a fast hurry so we don't find ourselves homeless. Only half joking about the homeless business.

On the one hand, it's a good thing that we'll be putting down some roots here in Texas and certainly saving on our housing costs. On the other, I have about a million other things to do besides meeting with bankers and real estate agents, including reading manuscripts, sending clients on submission, negotiating contracts and trying like mad to finish editing Rite of Revelation.

You know, the book everyone keeps asking me about.

Getting two real blog posts out this week feels like a minor victory. In celebration, I'm offering you this rather lame blog post of my own, but linking to a much better post over at One Guys Guide to Goodreads

It's actual an interview with yours truly that I, thankfully, did several weeks okay. I'm chatting about the role of an agent, pet peeves, trends and what it's like being an agent now that I'm also an author. You know, good stuff.

So, forgive this sad excuse of a post and go check out my interview.

Then take a break and enjoy a fantastic 4th of July holiday weekend for all my American readers. For the rest of you, feel free to enjoy a run of the mill weekend and insert fireworks as desired.