A slight change of plans

So, you know how life likes to watch you make plans and then stand back and laugh right in your face? That was me these past two weeks.

No sooner had I announced the release date for Rite of Revelation, then my life blew up. Mostly good things with a little bit of crazy mixed in. But the end result is Book Two is not coming out in November. 

I know, this stinks. But trust me in that you want me to take this extra time to make sure I give you guys a book you'll love. I could rush it and get it out there, but we'd both know it wasn't as good as it could have been.

The new release date is December 4th, on the one year anniversary of the release of Rite of Rejection. So it's all kinds of symbolic and what-not.

I do have a bit of good news today. I've finally selected the new Acceptance Street Team (to be named something jazzier at a later date). Thank you to everyone who applied. Please join me in congratulating these fantastic people!

Ethan Gregory
Ashley Giroux
Shannon Harris
Kari Smith
Marlene Moss
Katie McKinney
Sarah Weaver

Now, go out there and have an amazing weekend!