How I started building my platform

If you've been reading this little slice of the internet for a while, then you know that my blog wasn't always as organized (or helpful) as it is today. Like most new writers, I figured I needed a blog and jumped in with both feet...and no idea what I was doing.

The result was a mismatched, hodge-podge of posts with little or no coherence, zero identity, and nothing to set my blog apart from the thousands of others out there.

I needed a change and the answer came in the form of the Platform Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer. The daily challenges guided me in the process of finding my identity as an author and figuring out what I had to say that other people would want to read.

That was several years ago, but good news for you, Robert is running his Platform Challenge again this month. Starting today!

If you've been thinking of starting a blog, have a blog that needs a make-over, or just want to see if you can improve your current platform, I highly suggest checking this out. Not only will you get amazing advice that is easy to follow and sure to set you on the right path, you'll also find a community of like-minded authors all aimed at helping each other grow and improve their footprint in the literary community.

Good luck and happy platforms!