Guys, Big News!

I have another book out.
There it is. It's a real thing, that actual live humans can buy and read.

So, from an author perspective, book two feels different. With book one, everything was exciting and new and SOOOOOOOO important. I celebrated the whole day and just reveled in my obvious genius. With book two, the entire day is planned as business as usual. I do have a signing, but the timing is purely coincidence. That said, I feel more legit now. Probably because my book has an "Also by" section. Granted, there's only one book listed there. But something about having a second book makes this whole author gig feel more permanent.

Is that weird? As if the first book was some kind of a fluke, and I somehow accidentally wrote and published a book. But accidentally doing it a second time is statistically improbably, so this time it's for real. It's thoughts like these that convince the rest of the world that authors are all neurotic.

If you're so inclined and happen to enjoy a good YA dystopian, go check it out. If you're new here, go check out Rite of Rejection, book one in the Acceptance series. It's on sale right now for only $.99, so you know, good time to give it a try.

Also, if you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, you should get on that. Now, when you sign up you get a free ebook, HALF ACCEPTED. It covers the twenty-four hours in between books one and two, and subscribing to my newsletter is the only way to get it.