A Publishing Announcement

Sooooo.....Remember how I published Rite of Rejection way back in December 2014?


I did that. And it was only supposed to be one book. A stand-alone. Because that's how I wrote it.

But then all you lovely readers said, "No dice. You're gonna need to write more of this story."

So I did. But it took me an eternity. Mostly because I had no idea what to put in a sequel. Because that was never part of the plan. I spent a lot of time over the next year staring at a blank page, eating fruit loops and crying. Convinced that every sentence I wrote was pure garbage and you would all curse the day you asked for a sequel.

Eventually, a year after the first book came out, I released Rite of Revelation.

I was convinced this would be my undoing and you would all unmask me as the obvious fraud I am. You didn't. Instead you told me you loved it. Said it was fantastic. Starting asking when the next book would come out.

Have I mentioned how much I love you guys?

Anyway. This time I actually knew what I wanted to put into a third book. It was one of the stipulations for writing book two. Know how the story ends before you commit to writing more. So this one went faster. Much faster actually.

Which is why I'm excited to officially announce that Rite of Redemption will be coming June 6th!!!!!

No cover yet, though I'll be getting one soon and hope to be ready to share it with you by early next month. Feedback from Beta readers is trickling in and they seem to like it. Fingers crossed. Editors are all lined up and I've even started up the marketing machine. So this is really happening.

Thank you all for being so awesome over the past year or so. I'll be sure to keep you posted as the day gets closer.