A Thunderous Experiment

When I asked about new topics to cover here on the blog, one of the great suggestions was Thunderclap. If you've never heard of Thunderclap, that's okay. It's still pretty new in the grand scheme of promotional tools.

Here's the rundown. You create a campaign that has a very short message you would like to get to as many people as possible. Then you recruit others to support that campaign by signing up with one of their social media accounts. If you reach the target number of supporters (minimum is 100), on a day you specify, Thunderclap will use those accounts to send out your short message.

You can get an account for free and the basic campaign is also free, making this an attractive option for authors without a lot of dough to spend.

I did a campaign last October, but I didn't really pay attention to how it worked. I was so consumed with hitting my 100 people goal that I pretty much forgot about checking to see if the whole thing was effective or not (hand slap, bad marketer, bad).

So while I can give you a rundown of how the system works, I don't feel qualified to tell you if it works. Time for an experiment.

Just this week, I got the final cover for Rite of Rejection. I was just going to share it here, but now I'm going to use it as part of a new Thunderclap to see just how effective this all is. I've got traceable links in place to see if any of this is effective. Now I need you.

The more people that sign up for the Thunderclap, the more data I'll have to see if this is something we should all be doing or if you should focus your time somewhere else. Do me a favor and support the campaign. It launches on May 6th. Then, I'll be back with the numbers to see if this made any difference.