April Book Lessons

This month, my reading was a bit more targeted for a purpose so my lessons are a bit different. My clients are growing and expanding into new areas so I specifically read more adult romance, including some M/M. My lessons are more for me about what is out on the market, where the gaps are, what's working and what is missing the mark.

I've also noticed that my reading lately has been very dystopian heavy (I really do love it). This means I've been missing out on other genres and really narrowing down what I experience as a reader. So next month I'm hoping to expand a bit. I'd love to find some great fantasy (urban or otherwise) and maybe even a PNR. It's been a while, so your suggestions are welcome.

Even though I don't have a books specific lesson this month, I wanted to share this video with you guys. This podcast is a treasure trove of info for authors, but this particular episode tackled the idea of reading with purpose to improve as an author. These guys put into words exactly what I'm trying to do here. If you have some time, I really suggest checking this out.