A consolation post

So, I've pretty much turned into the worst blogger ever.

Ah, I remember when I use to write all my posts for the week on Sunday and then sit back and glory in my organized productiveness. I'm starting to wonder if someone was sneaking crack into my coffee back then.

Lately, it feels like the days are getting shorter and I'm losing hours. Hm....maybe I'm experiencing alien abductions and they're wiping my memories so all I'm left with is a deep sense of having not gotten everything done. It's possible.

Anywho, there's about another month of summer left and then hopefully our new family schedule will make things easier. Until then, the likelihood of on-time, consistent blog posts is very low. I do want to let you know that I have lots of posts in various forms of readiness and some really fun (or fun to me) plans for the rest of the year. All that to say, please don't leave me. I need you guys.

As a consolation prize for my lack of blogging and the likely emptiness you all feel (you don't have to say the words, I know), here is a video.

This is from the agent panel I was on at Utopiacon this year and features some other very lovely and talented agents. I haven't watched it because watching myself on video is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, however, I probably make a fool of myself at least once, probably twice. So...you're welcome.